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I never got Modding on Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. I would say allowing modding in a Battlefront 3 would be no use to me. I definitely think keeping it simple to the 4 original armies, Confederacy, Republic, Empire, and Rebels is the way to go. The way to enahnce the game is adding enemies/allies from native people of that particular planet. Battlefront 1 and 2 were terrible on that issue. The computer allies/enemies were too stupid or really hard. Here is what they should put in the game:

Gungans and Naboo soldiers-Naboo
Tusken Raiders, Jawas-Dune Sea
Jawas, various aliens species-Mos Eisley
Jawas, various alien species-Mos Espa
Gammeroan Guards, Weequay, other jabba guards, Jabba's Palace
Ugnaughts and cloud city guard- Bespin
republic security,royal guards and senate guards-Courscant
I don't have any ideas for Dagobah, Mygeeto

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