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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post

If I had to choose any one droid, this is the one I would select. It was better than HK-47 as a combat droid (more feats and more intelligent) It was not as good an expert droid as T3 M4, but by increasing its intelligence one notch, Go-To could rival T3 for that purpose.

Go-To had the mine-immunity, cloaking field, and the combat module (Where T3 only could fire single shots) I often select Go-To for his versatility, even if it's a pointless character.
Let's focus at the cloaking field. That one thing will be the important thing in this battle. GOTO go sneaking, T3 can't find him, and byebye T3. AFAIK T3's awareness is not the best in the team, and I doubt he can counter GOTO's cloak.

GOTO for the win, seriously.

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