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Anybody still here?

I've been following this mod ever since I first found it. That was before all the weapons were CLOSE to skinned. before the first DEMO was out. When that demo came out for outcast, I was a happy happy happy boy!

Especially loved the great moldy crow models... beautiful work!

Now, on this matter... the six level mod is complete, yes... But is the rest coming close? I mean, it's been QUITE a few years, and it's just now halfway done.

I'd love to contribute in any way possible, as I am looking to increase my modeling, skinning... But that's it. If I can get a nice low MB modeling thingy, and start workin' on it... That'd be great. My first project would be bringing the crow up to date. Even though that model is nearly flawless.

I'd hate to see this mod completely die. It's amazing so far. My internet just sucks so bad I can't download it! ARGH!!! But, still. Lovin' it.

I also have seen projects to re-create JK and JK MOTS. Are those going well, or involved with this AT ALL?

My absolute favorite feature of the mod so far? The weapon's positions! I love how it LOOKS like they're being held up to your face. Are there any plans to update how weapons are held, too? I mean... The poses... yuck! Ravensoft, people don't shoot from the hip all the time!

Especially ex-imperials... EG Kyle katarn.
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