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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
Let's see, two of Star Wars' greatest philosophers and manipulators.... Tough call, but I'd go with Kreia. Her mastery and understanding of the Force is far great than Palpatine's (she make predictions that reach farther into the timeline than he ever could), and I doubt that Palpatine could have defeated the Exile at all. Why? 'Cause the Exile is the second most powerful individual in Star Wars history, right after Darth Nihilus. Force Vampires always have the edge over normal Force Users, so even Kreia couldn't stop the Exile.

Plus, Palpatine relies heavily on the Force, whereas Kreia has learned to use it minimally yet precisely. Palpatine would try and raise an army of clones to kill her, but Kreia would simply sneak in and use the Force to pinch a single artery in his brain that would cause instant death.

All in all, Kreia is the predecessor of Palpatine and easily his superior. Besides, the Jedi that Palpatine killed were so pathetic that 9 year old Anakin Skywalker could have killed them just by running them over with his podracer.
Your logic seriously failed in this topic. Palpatine is arguably the most powerful Sith Lord, not Nihilus, and the Exile is nowhere near that. The only reason Exile can beat Nihilus is because Nihilus, who is a "black hole", is trying to suck Exile, who is another "black hole" in the Force. Nihilus utterly failed. And he payed the price for that. His death.

You really need to improve your knowledge about EU, seriously. Jedi of Galactic Republic era (that means Anakin, Windu, Yoda, Kenobi, Sidious, and more) are the best generation of Jedi. If I remember correctly George Lucas stated all of this.

And even more, Palpatine collect all the holocron from all places in the galaxy and study all of them. He even create the real force lightning storm, that can create wormholes.

I never see Kreia do something that can protect him against Sidious' attacks. Another failed logic by you.

Your logic on this one is ridiculous it's not even laughable. Seriously, look at the threads in KMC and learn again.

All of Kreia's supporters here have a really flawed logic. Do you even read books about Sidious and his capabilities? AFAIK Kreia doesn't have anything to put her as the winner here.

Also, see these pictures. They will talk for me.

How will Kreia counter something like that? And don't make pure baseless assumption, "we never see the true potential" phrase, and what-ifs again. It's boring, not entertaining, and not smart move. Learn to use facts.

Sidious for the win. Try again.

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