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Hi. I'm James, 23, Yorkshire, UK, really like commas, and I work as a software engineer for an amoral defence contractor. Currently managed to skint myself through various large purchases and trips, so am now saving up to either A) Move somewhere better! or B) Bugger off round Europe for a bit, if only for a couple of months. I'm not very good at saving up though. Life is a bit too easy at the moment and I need to get off my arse anyway.

Erm.. currently looking forward to August, where I'll be going to the Edinburgh Fringe for a bit, possibly heading to Cologne for some geeky games festival thing, and then finally setting up a tent in the mud for Leeds Fest. Should be at Glastonbury right now damnit! Cheers for moving to Northern Ireland, Greg. Bastard.

That's all.

elTee: You're 24 aren't you? Is your memory going or sumfing, grandad?
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