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Truth is neither Reven nor malak used the star forge to its full potential, Reven cus he/she was smart and malak because he was dumb.

The SF was an instrument of the darkside and as such most likely had abilities far surpassing the mere building of ships. the DS was constructed to blow up planets as an instrument of fear. Also the first deathstar was useless against fleets of ships due to it's inaccurate targeting laser. (planets are easy to hit.)

Now if it was DS2 against starforge I might be tempted to go the way of the DS2 as it could fire pretty fast and was very accurate.

Honestly though I prefer BOTH of them joining up into a super capital ship spawning super laser firing ultra weapon!!!!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHH!

Yup. This is my first post in freaking ages.

Please make a real kotor 3 instead of this stupid mockery that is the Knights MMO.



Hoo rah.

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