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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
But I don't agree with that scenario.

I see different outcomes under different conditions, but those haven't been specified beyond 'SF vs. DS' I will admit the SF likely will be destroyed by the DS superlaser, but that's only if the DS is in range of the SF. If the conditions were more clearly defined and the situation was not open to 'what ifs,' then I would fairly judge one way or another that the DS has the tactical edge.
GreyJediMaster hasn't posted in this thread since he started it, so I don't think we will get any conditions. And I think there is one more thing we haven't mentioned. The DS is VERY SLOW, just remember the countdown from ANH. It was 30 mins I guess? I don't remember exactly. If the SF was right behind the DS, the SF would have a LOT OF TIME to prepare.

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