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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
What about how long would it take before the Star Forge's location was discovered? If you didn't know where it was, that would give the SF a significant advantage in any battle. If the DS didn't have a target upon which to fire upon, then its superlaser is worthless.
Another failed attempt to turn the tides of debate. Do you even know that in a vs threads, unless the TS stated something else, we debaters assume that both of them knows each other's location. This is just another form of "what-if", which is never accepted in a vs thread.

You really need to go to vs boards in other sites to know more about how a vs thread go.

Originally Posted by DarthDac View Post
GreyJediMaster hasn't posted in this thread since he started it, so I don't think we will get any conditions. And I think there is one more thing we haven't mentioned. The DS is VERY SLOW, just remember the countdown from ANH. It was 30 mins I guess? I don't remember exactly. If the SF was right behind the DS, the SF would have a LOT OF TIME to prepare.
Slow in what, Dac? It doesn't take a very long time to fire the superlaser, and it's all DS need to win a battle against SF.

Originally Posted by ironheart View Post
I'd have to say Star forge, but only because I was a KOTOR junkie well before I watched the movies/knew what the death star is. Really, it's hard to compare. They're from two different time periods. They're both bad *** though.
Look at the facts. I'm a fan of KOTOR, but I know where to put my vote judging from the facts. Look at other posts made by me, Dac, and Hord.

Originally Posted by darthriddick View Post
Now if it was DS2 against starforge I might be tempted to go the way of the DS2 as it could fire pretty fast and was very accurate.
Smart thinking. Good.

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