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@ Thread subject: I wonder if people don't sit around all day looking for this crap just to play the race card. It's such a cop out.

How many other racial stereotypes do we see nowadays?

Yes, it is tragic what happened and nobody is trying to justify its happening. However, nobody alive today in America was a slave, nor an owner of slaves. Not everyone white is a descendant of slave owners, either. There also were many other races and creeds mistreated in the past in America's history. :migrane:

Let's not burn it in, now.

Ooh, it's promoting caricatures and stereotypes. No kidding. People will learn over time that the world is wider than narrow stereotypes. Well, at least most reasonably bright people anyways.

Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post

This is a movie, people. Get. Over. It.

for some people, this is their life. they should get new ones.
Yeah, I agree. However it's kinda hard to want to hire these rejects. I wonder if they're bipolar.

Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
And Political Correctness strikes again!

It's just the same thing that one of my friends told me (much to my disillusionment):
"Did you notice that in the Dark Knight that you only ever see the Joker kill black people? Do you think that's racism?"

I'm most definitely not a racist guy and I don't put up with racism...but I draw the line when people just get overly politically correct and just find something to complain about just to's the same thing with this Transformers garbage...

It's just like complaining that devil's food cake is racist because it's dark...just another thing to complain about...

I think people just need to relax and enjoy the movie for what it is...pure mindless summer entertainment.
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