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Originally Posted by Te Mirdala Mand'alor View Post
It uses a forgotten Force technique devised by the Rakata to absorb, redirect or deflect the energy. Happy now?
For the record a mechanical item cannot re-direct or command the force... only living beings can.

On topic: Also for those of you arguing that the Star Forge is more powerful, riddle me this... even if you get your thousand Sith Leviathans they can't take the Death Star down, she has planetary level shield generators that would simply ignore the turbolasers coming from those thousand ancient ships (Only the Super Laser and or a Torpedo Sphere can take a planetary shield down or overwhelm one since a ground assault is out for the Death Star), let alone the Death Star's own numerous weapons emplacements would be destroying the ships one after the other with better targeting systems, range, and firepower.

One nav comp from one of the "Infinite Fleet" ships is all that needs to be secured and the DS would be on the move to use its Super-Laser on the Star Forge and that would be the end of that. Now since you add in the Star Forge getting to have its own fleet, and make more, you can't forget the fleet that the Death Star would have 'on tap' for the fight, while not as quickly replaceable they are 4000 years more advanced and far more powerful than the KotOR era ships.

No matter the Star Forge's capabilities it takes a very long time to construct a Death Star Battle Station (Minimum 5-10 years with the most advanced construction techniques, the first Death Star took almost 20 years), even for the mighty Star Forge so that would be a waste of resources in any event, personally I would invest in some thruster and hyperspace engine packs for the Forge... but that is likely just me.

In the end though the Death Star wins for the sheer fact it is mobile and armed adequately for the task of destroying targets like the Star Forge.

But to give some perspective here if you asked me which one I would want personally... I would go for the Star Forge for it is more useful than the Death Star... I have made this decision before in the PnP game... and I took a Mobile Factory Battle Station for my HQ.

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