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Jar-Jar Binks. Apparently he is also a racial stereotype of Jamaicans... I would not have realized unless someone told me.

Thats the thing. Jar-Jar was an ALIEN. The Twins are ROBOTS. I thought Jar-Jar was just clumsy, and that the Twins were just human machines with a stupid street personality.

Black? Really?

The thing about racial stereotypes is that they need to be pointed out to be stereotypes. I'd argue that those saying "The twins are black!" are the real racists here, as they are the ones perpetuating the stereotype by aknowleding certain trats to be of a race. The culturally senstivive people are just ironic racists.

I -might- have, but I doubt I would have looked to my friends and said "Are they black?" Sure, we might have made some street jokes, but I didn't think they were making fun of African Americans. I, personally, thought they were the third funniest part of that movie (Sam's Mom and Jetfire being the funniest) and thought it was great slapstick.

The people who point this stuff out are racist in their own way, and should be given as much credit as true racists.
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