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I have to ask the saem question of whether we are over our petty crap like this and the answer As others have pointed out, it seems like these people are being overly PC or as my friends joke, PPC. The twins I thought were funny and the way they fought reminded me more of the sibling fights I used to have with my brother. As to them being stereotypical, please. Of course not a lot of people have my gift/curse of being able to recall movie lines and details verbatim and I figured that they were reflecting how the autobots learned Earth's languages...the Internet. Heck I don't even recall anyone saying anything about Jax from the first Transformers and his attitude.

If we are going to talk about stereotypes, why not talk about IronHide and his trigger happy personality. Hell I've seen quite a bit of that on shows and it is amusing that he become Dirty Harry.

As to those "experts" who haven't seen the movie, watch it first before making a comment. Yeah Hollywood does have a track record of type casting ethnicities. Heck the Arab is always the terrorist, the Mexican a cholo and the Black a gangsta. We can let it bother us and consume our minds rather than facing the dark days coming because of the economic crisis or we can just accept the film and if you don't like it fine, don't try to grab the 15 min of fame because you claim racism. If anything, watch the film first and make judgments later. Those experts may know their field but they don't know the individual film.

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