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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
Also for those of you arguing that the Star Forge is more powerful, riddle me this... even if you get your thousand Sith Leviathans they can't take the Death Star down, she has planetary level shield generators that would simply ignore the turbolasers coming from those thousand ancient ships (Only the Super Laser and or a Torpedo Sphere can take a planetary shield down or overwhelm one since a ground assault is out for the Death Star), let alone the Death Star's own numerous weapons emplacements would be destroying the ships one after the other with better targeting systems, range, and firepower.
I'm on the Death Star's part but still, those thousands of Leviathans could destroy it's focusing crystals before it could fire.

And LOH that is:
Originally Posted by Darth Vader
*evil breathing* The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force. *more evil breathing*

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