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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
Seriously, if we are discussing a scenario where the Star Forge and the Death Star are existing in the same time period and in the same Galaxy, all Revan needs are either schematics of the Death Star or of something very similar to the Death Star.
To quote myself:
Originally Posted by Darth Hord View Post
The problem with this theory is that it took the rebels a long time to get the Death Star plans and then analyze them. Malak's fighters would have no clue of the death stars weakness.
And how many moon size battle stations with super lasers are there in the kotor era......

The Star Forge then starts pumping out individual sections of the station, along with droid ships to assemble those sections into the complete product.
It has never produced droid control ships before so it magically can now? And can we be realist here?

Uh, actually it does. The only reason why the Rebels on Yavin IV survived the final battle in A New Hope was BECAUSE the Death Star took forever to get into position and charge up its laser.
30 minutes is a really long time, the GE decided to use Yavin's orbit to get to the moon once they in the system to get around the planet. The SF is floating on top of the sun, what's going to get in the DS's way.

And a shield around the Star Forge is perfectly possible. If a little facility on the Endor Forest Moon could project a deflector shield around the Death Star II, the Star Forge could certainly be configured to put up a shield around itself capable of deflecting the Death Star's blast using the power not only of the Lehon sun, but the FORCE ITSELF.
To quote myself again:

I don't think it (SF) had one (shield) and if did, it couldn't be that powerful. During the attack o the star forge, the sith were pwning the republic until Bastilla switched sides and then the remaining republic ships that broke through the lines were able to destroy it, and it was rather quick too so I don't see how it had it's own personal energy shield. The Empire's star destroyers are way more powerful then the 315m cruisers that destroyed the SF, so if they(and it would take lesser # of ships too) were to break through the line the it would be destroyed faster. So if 4000 yr. old republic crusiers can destroy it then a battlestation with enough power to destroy a planet (those republic cruisers/fighters don't have that type of combined) firepower can certainly do the same.

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