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Originally Posted by darth-nihilus View Post

lets just order the mighty power of the star forge (it has something to with the force ..not just lasers) to create a deathstar...and there you there's the deathstar vs the starforge, its army, and a deathstar...
Prove it that SF can create a Death Star. How many times I have to say I don't accept what-ifs and baseless assumption. Otherwise, stay out of this thread.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Let's throw in another example: Ark Hammer vs. Imperial Star Destroyer.

The Ark Hammer has defensive and offensive systems, but it was not a warship. It was designed to build and launch Dark Troopers, but if you create some bogus what if scenario where this special cruiser would be pitted against and ISD; it completely negates the logic behind any projected outcomes.
Another failed attempt. Do you even realize that this post is another form of "will be", "what-ifs", "could be". Bring real facts, not baseless speculation. See how posters in other sites debate.

Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
And it's entirely possible to do so.

Seriously, if we are discussing a scenario where the Star Forge and the Death Star are existing in the same time period and in the same Galaxy, all Revan needs are either schematics of the Death Star or of something very similar to the Death Star. The Star Forge then starts pumping out individual sections of the station, along with droid ships to assemble those sections into the complete product.

Uh, actually it does. The only reason why the Rebels on Yavin IV survived the final battle in A New Hope was BECAUSE the Death Star took forever to get into position and charge up its laser.

And a shield around the Star Forge is perfectly possible. If a little facility on the Endor Forest Moon could project a deflector shield around the Death Star II, the Star Forge could certainly be configured to put up a shield around itself capable of deflecting the Death Star's blast using the power not only of the Lehon sun, but the FORCE ITSELF.

Don't believe me? Let me quote part of your name sake:

Originally Posted by Darth Vader
*evil breathing* The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force. *more evil breathing*
This thread is already worthless. What can SF possibly do to DS in 30 minutes? Please no other bullsh*t speculations . I'm tired of them. Prove it that Malak has create a SF-sized shield that can take a planet-busting superlaser hit. Otherwise you are just another failed poster that cannot prove what he says.

And please, flamming won't work on me. I'm not some foolish fanboy. You really need to be educated in vs threads' way of debating. This is a vs thread, life's hard dude, get on with it. Just accept it, some quote like that means nothing in a vs thread, especially if it's in site such as Comicvine, KMC, Marvel Boards, and others.

Also, votes mean nothing in a vs thread, debate is the most important thing.

Try again and bring real feats of SF that can prove SF will survive a battle against DS.

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