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Originally Posted by Ultimate Vader View Post
I already given you the video to prove that DS can destroy a planet. If you cannot proof that SF's shield can't withstand planet-busting beam, then there's no right to even say that SF can withstand the superlaser, because if you do, then you make another baseless assumption.

According to Dac, 30 minutes is the time needed to destroy Alderaan, and I have the proof to say SF will in about the same time, or even less. SF can't withstand planet-busting laser. You're the one who always talk "what-if" and "maybe", but never even gives SF's feat that capable of even stand a chance against DS. I think we know who's the one talking bullsh*t.

"I still think it will" won't work in a vs thread, facts and feats will. I really don't understand why you and all the people in SF's side don't get it?

Do you even try to see how a vs thread goes in other sites? Learning is good, you know. Makes human smarter.

No one in other sites will even support you if you can't bring any proof of your statement. I'm sorry to be a little bit rude, but it's the same as you're saying bullsh*ts. Sorry.

I just don't understand why you don't want to debate like other people in other sites.

You already lose here, why don;t you admit it? You don't even try to bring feats that can prove SF will survive this battle, let alone winning this. You failed horribly.

Just admit you and your side lose, and I won't continue with this thread again.
Umm.....Vader, no offense but you take this a bit too seriously. And about that 30 min, I'm not sure of it but will check it.
EDIT: I checked the video, and it turned out that it was only 15 mins.

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