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Originally Posted by Ultimate Vader View Post
Another failed attempt. Do you even realize that this post is another form of "will be", "what-ifs", "could be". Bring real facts, not baseless speculation. See how posters in other sites debate.
If they "debate" like you do on other sites, then I think no one wants to. The only thing you say to support the DS is "It has a planet busting superlaser, i totally PWNS, OWNS and KILLZ EVERYTHING!!!" and then you say that everyone else fails. I'm sorry, but you really should get out more, maybe watch a debate on TV or something. You'll see that they don't do it as you do. And for the "what if's": It is a total what if that the Star Forge and Death Star are pitted against each other in the first place, so the whole thread, espically your posts, are based on "what-ifs", "will be's" and "could be's". Which makes essientally all your posts, total bull****. Since you obviously can't debate, understand how a debate works, or anything about them, you fail. Sorry if I seemed mean, but I just got so annoyed by your stupid posts that just say things about how others fail, and not how much you fail. And don't try to educate people, since most people here have probably gratuated, which means that you don't have to educate them, maybe it's they that should educate you instead, you obviously need it.
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