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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
Well consider the massive difference between the resources of Revan's Sith Empire and the Rebel Alliance. It'd be easier for Revan and/or Malak to find out what the Star Forge's weakness is,
I assume you mean the Death Star, not the star forge. But you have to look at how the rebel leaders first found about it purposes. The rebels knew of the death star pior to Vade capturing the rebel leaders and bringing them to Palpatine on the death star (during the force unleashed game,) where he revealed the stations name and purpose. So unless Revan tries to pull a starkiller move, then his empire would find out the hard way. And again your coming up with a scenario that makes this a major military campaign but as I have been saying I would like to make a new thread with a fair scenario because this is becoming the Galactic Empire vs Revan/Malak's sith empire (and this would allow for other circumstances not mentioned to come into play, so we must haves some sort of guideline, feel free to message me if anyone wants to) Otherwise you can't compare the two due to their different purposes.(The OP really made a bad thread)

and if it is Revan in command he's likely to think of it pretty quickly.
Revan is not a military technician, he would need to acquire the death star plans and have a technician team extensively look over them (again this assuming were talking about the DS 1 and not some version of the second DS which has no exhaust port) as the empire looked over the exhaust port as a weakness then so could his. (im not saying they will but it is certainly a possibility) but Revan himself wont solve it, his best mechanical feat is building HK47 but building a droid (not matter how cool HK is) is not comparable to this.

The Star Forge did not produce Sith warships until Revan's Sith feed in the schematics.
And where will he get these schematics? No droids in his time could do this. And the empire doesn't make use of them. (i will say it again, we need to come up with a scenario because this can go a lot of different ways)
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