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Originally Posted by Darth Hord View Post
She doesn't hand him anything here. Traya's only advantage is Malachor but as I said above, it is just another Ancient sith world, the only thing that makes it different then Korriban for instance, is the fact that it wasn't raided so it's knowledge was intact. Other Malachor V the only other sith world that we know for a fact she has been to is Korriban and she didn't step off the Ebon Hawk.
Actually, I was thinking about how much access she had. With the whole Jedi Archives and Malachor's Sith collection, she had the keys to the motherlode. Librarians are dangerous in that regard - if it exists in the stacks, they know how and where to find it. Worse is that Kreia actually knows how to put it all to use.

Kreia's like Oracle in that her physical limitations have zero effect on her frightening mental capacity. Palpatine wins hands down in a fight, but it would be a very close call on a battle of wits. I'm still putting cash on the librarian over the politician.

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