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Originally Posted by Allronix View Post
Kreia's like Oracle in that her physical limitations have zero effect on her frightening mental capacity. Palpatine wins hands down in a fight, but it would be a very close call on a battle of wits. I'm still putting cash on the librarian over the politician.
I still think Palpatine has her in force knowledge (if you disagree then, just say so and I'll post the rest of the knowledge that I know he had access to, that I'm aware of). If you would like my friend on another site posted a pro Palpatine essay, and in it he has a "chapter" specifically for his force knowledge, now it's a little bias in opinion but the facts are there and he cites his sources.

As far a wit/intelligence goes, I still give it to Palpatine. This is a man who manipulated the entire galaxy and was playing both sides in the clone wars. He has spent extensive time near powerful jedi like Mace and Yoda and neither (or the other 10,000 jedi in the order) had any clue that Palpatine was really the sith lord they were looking for years. He also caused the destruction of outbound flight to lower the jedi numbers,order 66, the trade federations blockade of naboo,hell he convinced the senate to turn against the jedi who just won a war for them.
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