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"But I was going would do that? If you could assist me in anyway, I would be forever in your debt."

"I'm the Hokage. Its my job to make people happy." Naruto smirked. "We're abit busy with this "Arashi" situation, incase you havent noticed. But that doesnt mean we wont help you." He crawled through the window into his office. "Our archives contains information on almost every organised crime syndicate and criminal records within the land. They may hold the information you need."


By the look of things, everything seems to have been sorted out. People continued on with their normal daily lives.

"Tategami sensai, speaking of team-mates where are the others. Apparently Karela is in the hospital now. I haven't seen Asuka, Akagi, and Sam in a while either. Dai's going to check on Karela but that still leaves the other three. Would you have me go search for them?"

Tategami thought for a moment. "I'll run to see the current state of Karela. Meantime, Kaneda may accompany you to find Asuka and Akagi. Last I checked, they were in the forest outside of the village."

"Alrite, we better make sure they're alright! C'mon..." Kaneda motioned.
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