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((screw that! New plot!

thats how i roll! Who-ya!

besides, with your #2 there

first, i cant start by going up to a characters that not only do i not know that said character's player isnt going to be around, but

i also cant control said characters other than mine...

speaking of which, hell i dont even know what your characters are doing with Irvine Cracern!
i mean, i kept that open, hopefully you'd do something, but nothing happens. he was supposed to be sent to your dimension or something...

then we got my jedi, whom have to have some sort of interaction with deac's and battledog's characters (which those two basically run the new jedi order), so i'm dead there as well.

so, what do i have really? Irvine Palpatine. gez.

sry to get all b**** b**** b**** b****, on ya, but, i'm left with nothing here what do ya expect ^_^; ))

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