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Name: Kokoro Aizawa
Age: 15
Rank: Chunin
Appearance: Kokoro
Personality: Reserved but hot tempered
Weapons/Equipment: Carries standard ninja equipment and Katana.
Nature Type: Fire


Fire palm jutsu: Creates a flame in her hand which she can control)
Fire tempest: Creates a fire wall that requires a lot of power which can drain her energy so she doesn't use it often.
Fire rain: she creates fireballs that rain down on an enemy.
Fire infuse: she infuses her katana with fire surrounding the blade.

Background: Kokoro lived in a small village. She was always regarded as a beautiful maiden but due to her infatuation to the ninja ways she was always looked upon with disdain. Her father sent her away from the village because he felt her destiny lay elsewhere. He believed Kokoro would find strong allies who would teach her an never look down on her. True ninjas. She's been looking for this ever since. Strong warriors from which to learn.

Formerly known as "Miracle"

No puedo olvidarte
sacarte de mi
respiro, no puedo
me ahoga mirarte,
sal de mi piel...

Belinda - Sal de mi piel
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