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The waterfall was the perfect place to relax the mind and train the body. Kokoro had spent the last few days on the road. She had taken a liking to the village she had arrived to. It was somewhat a quiet village but also very busy. But due to this almost everyone minded their own business.

Kokoro thought this was perfect. She was practicing her sword skills. Doing a jutsu everyonce in a while combining her movements. She had a pet wolf that was following her ever since she left the village. It threw some coconuts into the air and Kokoro would slice or burn them.

"Thanks Jupo", Kokoro said as she sat down and rested beside Jupo the wolf. She cut open two of the remaining coconuts and gave Jupo one so he could drink. "We've been on the road a long time. Maybe we should rest a bit, get to know the local area".

Jupo simply looked at her and nodded to which she gave him a big smile. She had no trouble being herself around Jupo, mainly because he didn't pass any judgement on her.

Kokoro and Jupo began walking around the town. There were lots of people passing by but she was hungry now and she figured she'd stop on a shop and get something. She bought some bowls of noodles for her and Jupo. She noticed some ninjas walking down the street. Maybe there was an academy nearby she could check out. And so after eating she followed the ninjas closeby but not to close as to bother them.

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