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Originally Posted by ThunderPeel2001 View Post
Looking forward to the final result! (Maybe I could add it to my perennially unfinished guide? )
Of course, it's always good to have everything as complete as possible.

Also, one other thing you might want to considder to include, the reason I got stuck the first time in FoA was on Team Path driving the sub, actually locating the airlock wasn't hard, but I had so much trouble finding the right position from which the sub was able to enter the airlock that I eventually gave up. Only years later (this year) did I finaly manage to properly drive the sub in to the airlock.
I've looked all over the internet, and not one of the walkthroughs had any tips or hints how to manuever the sub in to the airlock.

When I finaly did find out, I found that first you have to be in the right layer (front to back), which itself isn't that hard to find, since when you go back one layer you'll be visually behind the airlock. But the tricky part was that you actually had to move back a little so that the sub was sorta guided in by some sort of ramp that led up to the airlock.

So anyway, it would be nice to have a walkthrough with this particular hint around somewhere on the internet for people who have the same problem.

Also, the final map, will be like any other real map, so there will be no real screenshots to compare rooms to, only the layouts and number of doors to help you see where exactly you are.
Now, this might make the map a little harder to read, but on the other hand, this will make it more interesting, since it's not just a walkthrough from A to B, but rather a map with hints that you need to figure out by yourself, leaving part of the challenge intact.

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