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Originally Posted by GreyJediMaster View Post
Hey, im new here, but beingn a massive kotor fan for years now, keep replaying kotor 2 for the joy of it, waiting for team gizka to finish the restoration which looks brilliant.
To me looks little more than another stall out, but I won't get into that. I just suffice it to say "eventually it'll happen" since I have basically stopped counting down long ago and shrug it off.

yeah you got some interesting ideas. i reckon the Genoharadan could be a major part of the mandolorians gaing strength again (btw i bet goto is a member, hes certainly got the character!) the Exile's crew will be found by Bastila as you said, but theres bound to be other jedi out there.
As were there other sith. I don't remember exactly what was said for other force-sensitive factions. They existed, of course--items in the game are quite clearly evidence of that.

I'd imagine there is a band of Grey Jedi out there somewhere as well, disconnected from it all. The wars, the factions, republic and empire, jedi and sith.

Still, as we saw in TSL, even the Jedi and Sith alive were not sure of others' presences. Not sure if they lived or not. The one thing we do know is that the republic will lick its wounds and heal, the Sith would be preparing.

Seing how thw republic is so fragile, but the there is no threat from the mandolorians or the Sith (yet...) crime will come back like it always does, but because of planets like telos and Onderon, the republic will look again to the Jedi.
The Jedi:
Michal, Mira, Visas, Brianna (even if she did not join the exile), Juhani, Jolee, maybe Bao Dur--and of course Bastilla. They will be the foundation upon which the future order will be built. Not so sure about Atton, though.

Atton and Bao-Dur seemed wildcards.

Bao-Dur probably did something that will be prominent later. Exactly what, I can't be sure. Maybe loosely associated with the new Jedi.

Atton--would not surprise me if he wnet to become one of the most notorious scamsters the galaxy ever saw. Like he tried to be Jedi, but couldn't hack it with the Exile having gone. Or maybe he went with the Exile. I find it difficult to believe he'd be brushed aside like nothing.

So far as mandalorians, what we know are the givens:
-They were crusading against the republic
-History with Revan, initially
-Disbanded for a time thereafter
-Malak's defeat
-The new Mandalore reunited them (or at least began to)
-Still have no love for the republic
-Battle eager
-Far in the future, they will be a nomadic pack and decimated by the Jedi

Looked to me like even though they were basically reunited, there is still splinter cells of mandalorian bands. Packs of nomadic wanderers, straying. All of them have an itching bloodlust for battle. They all still have to make money. How better than mercenaries for hire? I'm not so sure they are on anyone's side but their own. They don't exactly like the republic, ever. However, their majority probably will grudgingly join it to fight the sith empire.

Surely Canderous/Mandalore will find Carth and Bastila and they three will form an alliance with the crew of the Ebon Hawk?
I forsee this: Mandalore and his band will sort of act as a stealth band. Whatever they do to help the republic will probably be in their own interest, ultimately. Or they may choose sith for the same reason. Whatever it takes to survive/prosper and whatever leads to another glorious battle. That much we can count on. I'm not entirely convinced the Madalorians aren't willing to deal in the exchange again. Canderous did it, albeit warily.

Bastila...mmm, well if you have not read the comic yet, please do so. I'll just endeavor to say that if there is an ancestor of Bastilla Shan's...either some other part of her family continued to propagate over time and the fiesty young lady eventually came to the Jedi in similar manner as Bastilla had centuries before. ...Or, something went on between Basty and Revan that we don't know about. (I would not be surprised if this were ambiguously left in the air for you to choose in the MMO!)

Carth will reassemble the republic in faith towards Revan's requests. Would not be surprised, though, if there is some legendary story telling.

Mission...She'd probably become a republic agent. Her tenacity...I'm sure she'd make some kind of impact. Carth probably employing her.

Zaalbar and the Wookiees: New age. Friendlier to the republic, vigilant and ready as ever for battle. Don't count them out just yet.

The bounty Hunter's guild: conspicuously has remained in the shadows. A wild card faction.

Exchange: Probably several groups. Warring like all the legionary gangs of organized crime. Like Mafia, Yakuza, russian mob, you name it. From wealthy to poor. Always looking to strike a deal. Black MArkets wil arise to compete as well--you'd be a fool not to believe that. Everyone for him/her self.

Militias of planet systems: some will be republic friendly, others not friendly, still others internally at war with itself. Others seduced by the Sith.

Droids...don't know...Well, actually HK-47 does manage to survive. He is still around and hidden by the time Palpatine's empire rises. (refer to wookieepedia) Still elusive even then. Maybe he will reappear some time in the Legacy period 130+ABY?
For TOR: Would not surprise me if the HK model series was of prolific availability.

On the TOR website, the history says Revan never came back from the Unknown regions., i think this is terribly sad, but also realistic, the Sith have gotta win sometimes.
True. Not sure what ever became of the exile in the canonical ending. However, the statues out in front of the Jedi Temple on coruscant surely were recognition of those two--I think. Looks like it, anyway.

I do believe that while Revan is never heard from again (possibly the exile, too), they had their schools of teaching. Revan's beyond the outer rim, Exile restarted the one in the galaxy, then went on and made one of her own and allied with Revan's. I don't think we've heard the last of them. They may be dead by the time TOR comes around, but I do not believe their teachings died out. Like there are followers of that martial lineage. Hidden from the Jedi republic and the Sith empire. Waiting for the right moment. Or something like that.

Like there was a feign to make the sith believe all was going as planned, but elusive from everyone else was another faction. Another element. However, only time will tell.

but if they are more powerful than the god-like revan, surely the republic stands no chance? unless revan fell into darkness again?
Could also be. There is any number of ways to interpret what all those visions in Kressh's tomb actually meant. Especially the one at the end.

I have considered that we may very well see Revan again in some form--more like something about Revan. Not sure about the Exile, though.

It's fairly open ended, so I'm sure most of even this revelation will be shrouded and ambiguous enough that whatever scraps remain which are uncovered, could be twisted any way to fit any scenario of multiple endings and stuff.

im sure youre right, im sure revan and the exile will be dealt with somehow in the new mmo, wish they'd do kotor 2 some justice and make a third one though.
You're not alone--regardless of MMO pro/anti/neutral.

but look at the factions like this: Republic, Mandolorians, Exchange, Jedi, echani? (are they a faction?) regardless, all these factions have been battered by the actions of Revan and his leutenant the exile. If the true Sith are coming, surely they will unite?\
Not uniformly. I'm sure Czerka and other companies will also have a stake. It will not be as clean a one would like (I should hope if it is to be a realistic believable story!), but rather a majority vs minority for every faction. That or apathy/neutrality. While the Sith are attempting to take over and rule, I'm sure some discontent, disgruntled, or otherwise unhappy elements will play a significant role one way or the other.

one last point, if there is to be a kotor 3, surely it could be a prequel? the story of what Revan found at Malachor at the end of the War, his relationship with the exile and why thr exile left?

interesting stuff! what do you think?
Maybe, or it could just simply not have a number, 3rd in line or prequel. Exactly what point I try to get across to modders writing stories. I might wonder if the prequel would be either that of the initial Revanchist crusade, or if it would go back 40 years to Exar Kun. According to the wiki: even though Sion was linked to the Exile by malachor, he was a sith marauder for Kun's empire. I had begun writing a back story for a fanfic about Darth Sion. I just have so many projects going at once I can't seem to churn them out.
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