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The Windows 7 Thread

*Astro Edit: Im stickying this Windows 7 thread for the immediate future just so any W7 news and queries can be localised here. I will gather important links back in this post to make it easier to spot. Cheers to urluckyday for the original thread*

* * *

Original Post:
Hey guys! The Windows 7 pre-order plan started today...if you buy a PC w/ Vista home premium (or above), you get to upgrade to Windows 7 at little or no cost when it's released. Also, if you pre-order 7 from Microsoft's store, Amazon, etc., you get the upgrade versions of Home Premium or Professional for over 50% off the original price...

Check it here...

* * *
Windows 7 Handy Links:

All the news directly from the developers:
The Windows 7 Team Blog

For anyone contemplating an upgrade pathway > there is a great article explaining the various routes.
The Ultimate Windows 7 Upgrade FAQ

Report of Windows 7 Beta (Build 7000) [Jan 2009]

Windows 7 Release Candidate [RC Build 7100] Reviews:

Paul Thurrot's Windows Supersite Win7 RC Reveiw [April 23 2009] >>comprehensive and easy to read

Engadget [April 20 2009]

Toms Hardware [March 12 2009]

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