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Name: Voran Garja

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Homeworld: Unknown

Affiliation: Sith Naval Forces

Title: Grand Admiral and Second in command of the Sith Forces after Khorzan Velerc himself

Weapons: The Sith Fleet, Vibro-Knife, Old E-11 blaster rifle that is hung on the wall in his quarters and a Powerful Custom built heavy blaster that he carries as a Side-arm.

Dob: N/A

Description: Garja wears a black Admiral uniform that he wears while he is on duty. Although he has quite a few medals he does not wear them in front of the crew. He carries a small customized Heavy Blaster pistol with him at all times. He has a scar running down across his left eye and another scar on the side of his neck. His eyes are an icey blue and he has no hair.

Brief History:

Not that much is known about Garja except that he rose quickly through the ranks of the Sith due to his ability to asses a situation and quickly find a solution to the problems that were presented to him.

His Flagship, the Pride was destroyed in the battle of Bastion and since then, he has been wondering if the side he is fighting for is truely the right side to be fighting for.
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