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Here's a quick preview...

It's a mess right now, I rotated some of the rooms so all the doorways fit up with their counterparts.

Since not everything matches up as nicely as I had hoped, some doorways must have short tunnels from to fit together, instead of just being one archway.

but anyway, with now all the rooms rotated accordingly I'll start moving them about to fit everything nice and tightly.

One thing that doesn't seem right btw, is that if I take the markerstone from the Fists path at the end of the Labyrinth, which points north. Meaning that on this map, North is down. But outside of the Labyrinth where you start, you can see the sea. If my rotations are correct, then that is the sea south of Crete. While Knossos is located more to the north of Crete, I've never been there but it would seem to me more logical that you could see the sea on the north side rather than the south side as in the case of this map.
The Minotaur statue is also pointing north on this map btw.

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