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I'd buy that for a dollar
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Perhaps he refers to this.

Are you a CA resident? Perhaps you could do this? I dunno, anyone?
True Avery is probably the only one here in CA interested AND close enough...least that I know of.

It'd be like a 9 hour drive for me to go. Or a miserable American Airlines flight and renting a car for me. I'm SOL and money in either case--time is $$$.

The only CA con I could maybe go to if I get lucky: right down the highway some clicks and some turns from me. Then again, probably not even that.

Else I would do it for LF. Maybe if C. Andrew Nelson (Vader himself) came back to make another appearance. (Nelson played Vader in certain parts for the remake of the original trilogy movies.)

Or someone of significant interest to fans here on SW, Anime, American Comics, etc. were to make an appearance. Otherwise, it's just not worth it to me just to drive down and drool over all that stuff.
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