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Originally Posted by TripHammer View Post
In the duel of Palpy and Yoda... Palpatine makes mention that "Vader will become more powerful than either of us". But Vader never does. I guess we can thank Obi Wan for creating another cyborg that uses the force (Grievous comes to mind).

But I started thinking.. do you think Anakin would have actually been more powerful than the emperor if he never wound up on the low ground against Kenobi and became stumpy the burnt toast sith? If left to develop into a sith apprentice unimpeded by his disability or handicap that Obi left him with... Do you think Vader indeed could have been the emperor?

Before his duel with Obi Wan.. Anakin was speaking of ruling his empire with Padme at his side... So Anakin definitely had ambitions for it. Did Obi take some steam out of his step... and Vader was content at being the Emperor's gopher?
I think, without a doubt, Anakin would've become more powerful than the Emperor had he not being maimed by Obi-Wan and been left to burn to a crisp on Mustafar. Anakin had the potential to become one of the most powerful force users the galaxy had ever seen but it wasn't realized and thanks to Obi-Wan he wound up in the suit, being the Emperor's lackey. If Anakin had defeated Obi-Wan during the Battle Of the Heroes, I have no doubt, that he would've overthrown the Emperor, eventually.

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