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Originally Posted by luckyariot View Post
What? No Revan-crazed-fans have invaded this thread yet?! Well... I'm not gonna complain... nor do I rule out that, now that I've drawn attention to this fact, they will begin to swarm...

I think that Caedus, though incredibly powerful, is an idiot. Plain and simple. Yer evil now boy, accept it and move on, or turn back to the light. Well... too late now...

Vader... you would have been so much more awesome if you didn't get cocky in your Obi-Wan fight and lost... well, most of your body to a lightsaber and a river of boiling lava... ouch...

Exar Kun was awesome but just not good enough... Sorry Kun! Your plan was a good one compared to many other villians, though!

I do like Revan, but he's more of a genius than uber-powerful, so Sideous, with his annoying lightning, force storms, etc. and takes the... crown? Don't know. It wouldn't be cake, now would it?
Revan was more powerful than you give him credit for. He gathered the courage of many and overpowered the Mandalorians. How much would it have taken to do that? But no doubt, Revan was a wiser and less powerful. Without him, the thought bomb wouldn't have been re-discovered. Nihilus had so much control it's quite possible he had the greatest offensive ability over the force. Hell, Nihilus power was limitless due to the fact he fed off the force, each time gaining more and more power. He could consume entire planets; drain everything of its life force... Then you look at Plagueis who was able to create life as well as preserve it.

Wise = Revan
Power = Nihilus OR Kun

Revan, being the most unique Sith Lord in my opinion, is shrouded in mystry. He never returned from his mission to face the power stronger and more fearsome than the sith of that age, shows that he isn't the best. Or maybe he achieved his goal at the cost of his life. I doubt they'll ever go deeper into the mystery that is Revan. His first (and last) master once said that maybe he was never truly 'dark', but only assumed the role at an attempt to strengthen the republic. I think he strived for peace at any cost. Willing to go down as the ultimate evil for the greater good.

Someone said something about Revan controlling unlimited resources. That's because of the Star Forge and a totally invalid point.
(Yes, I am a total Revan freak)

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