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Unhappy Nearly finish : I need an older carcass version

Hi all!

I'm trying to make a new vehicule to the game : a hummer
After having some difficulties to make my XSI 3.0 model as I got 3dsmax 9 and my pc didn't had US regional setting, I final managed to get the XSI file !

I'm following the tutorial :

Now I'm coming on the compiling step, with carcass thought assimilate.
I get an error message :
"adding new bone - ("XSISceneRoot") exists more than once in this file, bad skeleton!"
I saw that :

Particularly :
The XSI 3.0 exporter from Raven or any XSI exporter, adds the root and effector to every bone chain, since that's how Softimage XSI and 3D handle the chains.
The problem comes because you're using the latest version of carcass, the one that compiles the XSI 3.5 files. For some reason that version goes bananas when trying to compile XSI 3.0 files that make it's own skeletons.

I get my carcass.exe from the JA SDK from filefront and I tried from the first and second version of the SDK : same error.

So, I'm looking for the old carcass.exe (carcass30.exe?) which load XSI 3.0 and not XSI 3.5 files. Anyone got it? Please, share it

Thank you very much!!

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