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Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
I didn't paint the clouds myself, I've used a photo for them. The clouds in the sketch look too cartoony though, and wouldn't fit the style of the final painting. And I'm no artist, so I can't translate from one style to another ;-)
Well I just did a quick mock-up of what I meant:

I just very roughly selected out some of the cloud from the sketch. And then made the white transparant and stuck it on your poster. Then with a little opacity tweaking and other contrast and brightness tweaks I got that.

I didn't really bother to get too much into it because frankly, I think you can do a better job and you seem to enjoy taking up your time with it :P I'm sure it is quite easy to draw your own version of the sketch's cloud shape. All you need is the outline and then just sorta darken the bits behind the outline and you have simple clouds! Which will be a lot better than my copy, paste and tweak job :P

Edit: Damn, that looked A LOT better on my laptop screen XD That often happens with me. Like if I've mixed a song or something it will only sound good with MY earphones. I need to work out how I can avoid that :/

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