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That "poster" is still built of my scan. That's why I've gone back to my original scan to try and make a full clean artwork. I'm using Laserschwert's tress and sky - and a little bit more but that may be all I end up using once complete. Here's how it's looking:

Keep in mind this is a work in progress. The orange section refers to a part of the image that will ultimatly contain the lower portion of the picture - I've removed the text over the crossbones using Laserschwert's image - but the skull I'm doing myself ... bit by bit. This is for the DVD cover I will release for the special edition (well the product clearly doesn't come with one, thus I shall give it to you).

-edit- I've added part of the missing bottom using a low-quality source (mainly to prove it can be done). I'll clone over it later the hardest part will be the monkey - the next hardest will be the plant on the left. There's only 3 things that need to be done: 1. remainder of text removed from skull. 2. bottom part of image extended. 3. sky at top extended (to complete DVD cover aspect ratio).

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