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Just posting this here as well because there seems to be a lot of people asking "will this work with such and such revan cape mod/model?" questions and with certain others spreading misinformation that it wont work I thought I would post so SithSpectre isnt driven mad insisting it does work.

I am not a modder and it frankly astounds me that I figured this out and people more experienced me havent clicked onto it.

Simply take the models from this and rename/copy them as required to make them work with whatever mod you are wanting.
For Brotherhood of Shadow make 6 copies of each file (mdl and mdx) and rename them as follows:

- PMBJL.mdl
- PMBJM.mdl
- PMBJS.mdl
- PFBJL.mdl
- PFBJM.mdl
- PFBJS.mdl
- PMBJL.mdx
- PMBJM.mdx
- PMBJS.mdx
- PFBJL.mdx
- PFBJM.mdx
- PFBJS.mdx

For the Masked Star Forge Robes, and Star Forge Robes rename them as follows:

- N_StarForgeA.mdl
- N_StarForgeA.mdx

Again as the models dont contain the textures they should work just fine. The maskless versions of revans robes work as well, but the hood continues to not be animated.

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