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Ok, I applied the skin modifier on the group made from all objects, then I just ungroup it and all objects had the skin modifier. Now, it compile great with carcass, yihaa!

BUT, when trying to open my model.glm widht the model wiewer, I can saw parts of my car desassembled and not really at the good place (translations).

However I decided to continu...
I made the pk3 structure, made a skin file with this structure:

All objects are serapared by a new line. I got now a first question : are PNG texture file suported, or it's only JPG and TGA file ?

I had a npc file with the correct structure (like in the tutorial)

Then, I made the veh file, importing a swoop veh file and changing name, model and and title...

Turn the whole thing into zip and renamed in pk3 and putted it in JA Base.

Result :
/npc spawn vehicle hummer_stef :
->could spawn hummer_stef vehicle

He find the veh file as when I forget to put the pk3 it told me "vehicle not found" but however something is wrong... Does the 3dsmax object size count? Because we set anothe size in the npc file.

Maybe the error is in the animation.cfg file generated by assimilate as it contain the following data :

// Format: targetFrame, frameCount, loopFrame, frameSpeed
0 101 0 30 // fix me - invalid enum -

Thanks for helping !
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