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Odd Brush Connection Issue?

For some reason, whenever I change the soundset or noise for a door, it adds/changes the soundset/noise for all the walls in the room as well. I have tried deleting all of the doors, then making new ones - it seems that as soon as I create a new brush, it is automatically connected to all of the walls in the room. windows and platforms and door frames and floors seem to be exempt - but there are still a lot of walls. The connected brushes don't even have to have the same texture.

Lets say that I add a random brush in the middle of the room and cover it with caulk. I'll make it into a door and give it a soundset. Now, whenever I open up the entity window (Or whatever the window is called when you press the N key), all of the walls also have that same soundset, as well as the same height and other properties (although it hasn't actually changed physically, it just says that it has). At first I thought it was just a glitch, so I complied the map and ran it - ok, all of the walls were the same height even though it said that they were now the height of the door, but I would just walk by them and suddenly here the door sound.

I'm planning on just re-starting the creation of the map, but if anyone could explain what was going on here and if it is actually possible to delete a setting for an entity, that would be appreciated. Thanks.
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