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Siberia, Russian Federation
7th July, 2011 - 1025

What a way to spend your birthday, Hannibal Smith, formerly of the US Army thought to himself. Leading what could be best described as a raid on an installation.

"Meyer, Mays, Rivers!" He shouted over the din of the snowy wind. "Follow me!"

That was another thing, it was JULY! Even in Siberia it didn't normally snow in July! So much for Global Warming.

The men, all wearing black tactical armor, followed Smith over the hill and into what would've been a killing range where the installation's gun slits were.

After firing off every round in his Uzi -he didn't know why he'd ever lost it or gave it away, but it was the same Uzi that Larson had given him in Chicago- Smith reloaded the light automatic and nodded to the three men positioned at the door.

They set off the C4 and the door exploded inwards.

Inside, the room was soaked with blood, dried blood. Scribbled on the wall in somebody's blood was the phrase: There is no death!

Smith had seen these types of rooms before, but it was in a different continent, a few years back. "Mays, get the rest of the group, heavy support weapons, explosives, all of it!" He ordered one of his men.

"But, sir-"

"That's an order, Agent." He said calmly.

"Yes, sir." The Agent slumped his shoulders, defeated, and left to carry out Smith's task.

"Meyer, Rivers, I need you two to support me down this hallway." He pointed down a hall way where there were only occasional blood spatters. "If it moves, it isn't a friendly." Smith shook his head. "The scientists are either dead or..." He let his voice trail off. "Anyway, our orders have changed, leave nothing but blood and brass in here when we leave."

The two men nodded, wondering if Smith's new attitude was anyway related to his past.

"Now." He whispered, sprinting down the hallway, thankfully there was nothing jumping out at him.

He gestured for Rivers to come forward and for Meyer to stay in place.

"Rivers, we're doing this methodically, we both go in at the same time, shooting anything that moves."

Rivers just nodded, betraying just how young he was. He's older than Larson was, but, damn, he's just a kid!

"Now." Smith accented his order with a slap to Rivers back and the two men charged forward.

At the end of the hallway was a dead body, standing and moving.

"Dammit." Smith cursed, it was just like he thought it was.

Rivers locked up, he'd heard the stories that had came out of Chicago, but had discounted them, now he knew the truth.

After dispatching the wandering zombie, Smith looked down both hallways, spotting an open trap door.

"Drop several HE nades down there." He ordered Rivers, who was too shaken up to do anything else.


Gulfstream-25, inbound to Kyoto, Japan

Smith shuddered, recalling what happened in Chicago and what happened in Siberia with perfect clarity... shocking clarity.

His work phone rang and he picked it up, a Blackwater Agent was on the other line.

"Agent Smith?" The voice asked.

"Senior Agent Smith, speaking." He answered, wondering what this was about.

"We've reviewed your footage and testimonial, we must say that we are... confused." The agent said. "We thought these were destroyed in Chicago two years ago."

"That's what I'm trying to find out." Smith said, "in fact, I'm going to ring up an... old friend of mine for some answers." He hung up without any more exchange before letting his memory dial in Atrianna's cell number.

After waiting through the voice-mailbox message -did the woman ever answer her phone on time?- Smith left his answer.

"Atrianna, it's Smith from Chicago. I imagine that you'd know where Vlad is, considering that you two were the closest of anybody in Chicago, and I need to get in contact with him, badly. I... saw something in Siberia this morning that could... lead to some complications. I'm inbound to Kyoto International as we speak, so if you could pick me up at the airport or somehow give me some directions, that would be great. Bye."

Not the best message he'd ever left, but it worked.

God, he hated those things the original time, now they were back?!

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