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OJP Galaxy - New Community

Hey guys,

I thought I would come here and advertise a new community for you guys. Atm, it is still pretty much in the initial stages, but we currently have a euro server and a nice new website and forums. So here is a bit about OJP Galaxy:

The basic concept behind OJP Galaxy is creating a unique experience for OJP Enhanced players, with all sorts of features and events to be a part of. Here is a list containing the main aspects of OJP Galaxy:
  • Factions - Jedi and Sith
  • Ranking System - 7 Ranks for each faction for players to achieve
  • Progression System - A hard system to create challenge of progression. Lower ranks have to take 'Jedi/Sith Trials' to get promoted.
  • Campaign Battles - Jedi take on the Sith in a huge war, for the control of the galaxy. Siege files will be created for each rank for both factions.
  • New Europe Gaming Server, with the possibility of adding one or two more.
  • Public Training Sessions - Here is where duelists of all skill levels can go and take part in training to further their skills.
  • Little Roleplay Aspects - OJP Galaxy allows for players to either roleplay as they wish or just play normally. It fits perfectly, due to players can take what they want from the faction
  • Skin pack and Map Pack - Big packs of star wars skins and maps to bring that extra Star Wars feel into OJP

For more information - visit and register on the forums

Note: Let me remind you, this is designed to fit ALL OJP Enhanced players - those who enjoy roleplay and those who don't etc. Plus, not everyone has to join a faction if they don't want to.
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