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Smith leaned back in his chair as the Gulfstream-25 continued it's flight towards Kyoto International -which was, to the best of his knowledge- where Atrianna was. He allowed his eyes to close before finally letting himself sleep, a luxury he'd denied himself in Siberia for the past day and a half.

He then heard Atrianna herd a family away to check them for bite marks... and, terminate them if there were any...

How can we be human after this?

"Vlad!" He heard, while watching Doctor Ian's leg regrow with morbid fascination, followed by several gunshots. "They were infected!"

Smith's blood ran cold as he surveyed the rest of the Survivors in the subway station. Bite marks!

"Vlad, we either gun them down or get out!" Smith yelled at the Russian... only to watch as a bite mark appeared on his neck, followed by an immediate transformation, along with Atrianna, Larson, Doctor Ian, everybody in the room except him.

"Back!" He yelled. "Back!"

He accentuated this statement with several bursts from his AK into Vlad and Atrianna, but both continued towards him, implacable.

"Come, join us." They said at the same time. "Don't be afraid."

"Back! Back!"

"Agent Smith, wake up."

"Back, back." He weakly protested, his shoulder was being shaken.

"Wha-" Smith blinked away the dark spots from his vision. He was in the Gulfstream, en route to Kyoto, not trapped in a nameless Subway Station in Chicago.

"I'm alright." He said to the attendant who was looking at him concernedly. "Just... memories."

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