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Sith Apprentice: Interception

This is my shot at an RPG here. I don't know if it will actually go anywhere, but it's a game to start. Basically, this is sort of a neutral universe kind of setting, so it doesn't really take place during a specific period in the Star Wars timeline, and therefore there are almost no canonical references other than what's set in stone. I can't even remember the last time I RPed on a forum, so it may be pretty rusty.

The Plot

In the past years, the Republic was endangered by a mysterious force of droids, led by Dark Jedi. These Dark Jedi had defected from the Jedi Order. The first of them to turn to the Dark Side was Jedi Knight Jorin Kaser, who aspired to restore the Sith Empire with the elimination of the Jedi Order. This wish was caused by corruption in both the Republic and the Jedi Council. Kaser discovered an abandoned factory on Kamino, where a massive army of droids had been manufactured in secrecy with a purpose unknown... A war began.

Kaser studied the Sith holocrons carefully, and soon realized that he had to choose an apprentice to inherit his goal and mantle. This apprentice, a young Arkanian he found on Tatooine, soon proved to be the ideal choice, with abilities dwarfing any other Jedi he had seen, despite being many years younger.

Eventually, the rise of an equally powerful Knight of the Jedi Order halted Jorin Kaser's plans. Before dying of a mysterious illness, Kaser bestowed the title of Sith upon his apprentice, giving him a new name: Darth Noroc. The growing empire then went into hiding, and eventually, were forgotten.

Subtly, Noroc's agents had been finding and indoctrinating young Jedi students in the ways of the Dark Side. However, Noroc did not wish any of them to be his apprentice, and realized he had to find one, himself. With that, he traveled to a Jedi Academy on Dantooine. Concealing his dark aura, covering the deterioration on his face caused by the Dark Side, and using a new name, he began the search for his new apprentice....

The Plot: Summarized

The apprentice of an aspiring Sith Lord, Darth Noroc, must begin the search for an apprentice. Then, using the army his former master, Jorin Kaser, had left behind, he will conquer the Republic. Noroc believes that a suitable apprentice could only be found in the heart of the enemy: a Jedi academy.


You will play a Jedi in the Dantooine Jedi Academy, which is being probed by Darth Noroc for an apprentice. Noroc may choose more than one follower, but ultimately, his sights will only be set on one Jedi. Most players will have to be loyal to the Jedi Order, though more than one can join Noroc. You also have the option of being a soldier stationed in the temple, if that's what you want.

A couple of rules:

1. No godmoding, of course. Now, I don't mind if you're a high ranking Jedi Master; I don't even mind if you're the head of the academy. However, lower ranking Jedi will also be needed, especially for the ones joining Noroc. Also, don't have every skill ever; if your character is a master of every lightsaber form, he shouldn't have an extraordinary affinity for the Force.

2. Please be fairly concise. This doesn't mean make your posts two sentences long, or don't describe your RPing. Just don't post a lot of irrelevant information that really doesn't make a difference in your post, unless it adds depth to your character or will be important later on.

That's all I really care about. Obviously, standard RPG rules apply, which can be found in the sticky posts. Here's the character sheet for your convenience, but feel free to add anything, or omit things that you have absolutely nothing to say about (Though it's a pretty brief sheet.)

Character Sheet

Appearance: (Description or picture)

Thanks for looking at this RPG, and welcome if you want to play.

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