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@ SW:TPM issue, actually to shed light on this, I remember a college english assignment specifically critiquing one of the very critics who made that distinction. I'm sorry I cannot find it right now.

Basically that it caricatures and stereotypes, and that it is a powerful, but subconscious, teaching tool. While I agree with that generally, and that it could be a bad thing...I did not see such a thing going on in TPM. In a hero man type story such as SW typically is, it is common to see stereotypes and perhaps caricatures, but I detected nothing that was particularly "labeling" about it to set generations of the future against one group of people or another. (Maybe I'm just uninformed?)

I was a teen and I didn't really think much of any of the following. Though I will say that when my father saw it in the theater with me and the rest of our family and friends, he did say that Darth Maul personified the devil to him--at least Maul's face and dimeanor reminded him of the devil.

I think it went something like this:
JarJar=Rastafarian Jamaican
Supposedly getting people to ridicule blacks for illiteracy and clumsiness--perhaps a lack of common sense.

I thought it was just a goofy outcast with perhaps not a lot of intelligence, but a good heart. While the ears might look like dreadlocks if you look at it like that, I never got this from jarjar. If it is against blacks then how do you explain Captain Panaka? Mace Windu? Flawed argument.

Trent= Trent Lott?
Nute Gunrey=Newt Gingrich?
Their outfits looking like that of a real arch bishop.
Supposedly to set you against republicans for being greedy and demonize catholics for making a deal with Darth Sidious (AKA satan).

I just thought it was a couple of squabbling creatures who value droids and wealth more than life--whose mothers probably don't like them either. I'm a fairly conservative (independent) guy, actually. These two don't seem to cut close to who I am, politically or otherwise as a free marketeer. Or beliefs wise.
They might fit a more modern republican stereotype, but I'm willing to believe republicans weren't always like that--like the ones you never see anymore who were about fiscal responsibility instead of $$$. (My late grandfather I never met.) Or even Abe Lincoln. Another flawed argument.

Watto=anti arabic/simetic on tattooine
Supposedly, as a slave holder and a merchant in a desert that was home to the chosen one in his earlier years, Watto was a caricature of merchants in the desert (middle east areas where Jesus Christ lived?) who was anti simetic if you wanted to interpret it as jewish, anti arab if you don't.

Personally, I thought the voice was more italian and he was more bird like, perhaps some reptile and equestrian. Ok, so ya got me there--greedy merchant. He's out in the middle of nowhere selling junk to everyone--DUH!
I have iranian friends--never even crossed my mind when seeing watto. Not once. Fail argument.

Darth Maul=satanic imagery, the devil
Supposedly against the obvious (or for glamorizing it I guess if you liked him).

While yes the similarities are striking, I would say that it does not set one against or for satanists any more than already existed in one's mind. I do believe, though, that uncle George did in fact use the satanic bible and elements in creating more life about the Sith. (This is purely speculation though!) Furthermore I believe the typified "demon" as the villain very effectively sends the message of bad guy where nations are heavily Christian. So a bit of reaching out to a target audience. Besides, I've never really met a good hearted satanist, not who was for reals about it anyway.

Originally Posted by DarthAwesome View Post
I don't think that's true. Most reasonable people can distinguish a joke from true racism and hatred. However, some jokes are blatanly racist and hateful and not really funny at all. People just use the excuse of just joking around to get away with it.
True enough, I guess. Seems like that's how it slips through the cracks. Sharp catch.

Originally Posted by DarthAwesome View Post
I am not against political correctness. I think it's healthy. I am so sick and tired of people who go on anti-pc tirades and think they can get away with abusing our freedom speech and offend whomever they want.
I am against it, not because it necessarily stops anyone from speaking, but that reactions, responses, or lack thereof an acknowledgement could be interpreted as hatred. Or that basically saying something is such and such because it might be hateful. I could even see this being the case for constructive criticism.

This is not the case. In this country you have the right to say whatever bile, stupid, ignorant, thing you want, and that's okay. However, we have the right to tell you to st*u.
Another reason I'm against it. Don't censor it, so that way you shove your foot all the way in your mouth--and I can bag on you for being a moron.

Freedom of speech protects you against retaliation from the government, not from individuals. However, there is such a thing as being too overly pc. I think this whole thing is ridiculous, same as with The Phantom Menace, it's obviously meant in good fun and we all have to laugh at ourselves once in a while. People need to lighten up.
Ok, fair enough. I would actually call it common decency, not PC. Western Justice.

Pettiness and sensitivity to "say this", "don't say that" is what I call PC. Guess it just goes to show that no 2 view any one thing the same.

Originally Posted by JediAthos View Post
What I meant by the divide being nonexistent is that there seems to be an overwhelming number of people that can't or won't distinguish a joke from true racism or hate.
I'll say that a distinction needs to be made but rather with care.
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