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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
How do you create your own recovery disc? Like, I already use an external HD to backup my data, but I want a disc that I can use that will reinstall Windows 7 without having to worry about any licensing issues.
windows has inbuilt data backup services. If you have ultimate, there is a full OS backup application. Otherwise third party apps like Acronis True Image create a full backup of your OS Image(to an external disc or another partition) which can be restored if things have gone haywire. Nowdays, I just keep all my data on non system drivers and partitions and have a vista x64 partition and two windows 7 partitions which I juggle around with different x64 or x86 builds for testing htpc/gaming stuff. Thats winding down now of course.

Originally Posted by Qliveur
I'd like to know myself if it's worth upgrading from Vista Home Premium at that price. What will Windows 7 bring to the table that I won't be able to get with Vista? This is coming from a generally satisfied Vista user
As much as I like W7, even Im sticking to Vista for my gaming rig. If you are an htpc or tablet user, I'd absolutely encourage you to get W7 asap, otherwise youre better of waiting 12 months or so for driver inconsitencies to be ironed out and DX11 hardware and games to catch up

Originally Posted by stinger
okay, maybe i missed something, but if you already have Win 7 RC installed, can you just get an activation code from Microsoft (when its available, obviously)? or do you have to go through the trouble of uninstalling Win7 RC and then install the retail version??
You seem to be assuming that all components have made it from build 7100 to RTM unscathed. There have been components being chopped and change since and even at this moment as RTM is finalised.

You will be able to do an upgrade install with the new disc/image you get. Otherwise, you can ride RC until March 2010. You will notice that RC is only getting 'serviceability', language and defender updates. The bugfixes are not being released as standard KBs, just being recompiled into the RTM builds.


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