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Shana lay in bed going through what happened with Kai a moment ago. She wrapped her hands around her pendant. She put her hands up to her chest and closed her eyes. She drifted off to sleep.

It was already 5 am. Shana got up from bed and went towards the locker room. She put on the white t-shirt and black camo pants that she was given for the training.

She went outside and checked her holographic map. The access to the training grounds was below. She headed down there and arrived at a large place overlooking a big lake.

Captain Terranova was there. Shana saw her and went over to her.

"Illya-san!", Shana said and arrived running over to her and Illya simply greated her with a smile.

"Hi Shana, slept well?", Illya asked.

"Well...", Shana said and remembered the events of last night. Illya looked at her puzzled.

"Something on your mind?", Illya asked.

"Oh no nothing, I'm just excited", Shana said with a smile.

"That's good, remember our lessons, no overdoing it ok? It's ok to go all out but remember your limits. No one wants you to go through the same that happened 3 years ago ok?", Illya said.

"Don't worry, I learned from you so I won't make the same mistake again. I didn't know then what happened to the body when you gave it all, but now it's different. I will do my best", Shana said and Illya smiled.

"Lets wait for the others to arrive", Illya said and began typing in a holographic interface setting up the training excersize.

"So I have a question. Where is the training ground?", Shana asked.

"Over there", Illya said and from the lake a recreation of a small section of the city was materialized before their eyes.

"Cool!", Shana said. "So that's where we'll train?"

"Yup, that's our special training apparatus", Illya said.

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