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Hey, here are some news!

So, after having working so much on my Hummer, I just didn't anderstand what was going on. My model is a little strange I must say, but I will tell you more about that a little later.

So I decided to make a really fast modeling with simple forms to try finaly making a vehicle! And, surprising me, this actually worked at the first time! How could this be possible ? Oh well I just get a few error about my texture which wasn't squard dimentioned.

So here are some screens of my first ever vehicle, made in about 10 minutes Well, I just made the first thing I had in mind, so don't ask anything about it lol!

But now, after having fun, lets go back to my Hummer. I managed to spawn it in JA (yeah! ^^) but it's desassembled, as I was seeing it in MODView.

Here are somes screens to show you more precisely :
The model in JA (not textured because I didn't completed skin file)
The model in GLM Viewer in wireframe mode

From 3dsmax (5) but modelised in 9 :

I think the main probleme is that I'm using some special objets in my Model.
I mean, for exemple I modelised a first wheel, then I duplicated it 3 times as an instance of it. In an other hand I used some geometric tools in 3dsmax for exemple to make the left of the car really faster from the right objects. I had some problemes with weighting everything as some objects had some strange behavior, that's to say when everything was weighted to the main bone, moving it was translating some objects in a way, others (copy of them by symetry) goes to the opposite way...

Need to fix this probleme, how could I let all my objects fixed together ? I'll think about it, but, what do you think about it? (And what about my other model? lol
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