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Vlad let Shayla out of the headlock and stood.

"We'll pause your training for right now," He said, walking towards Smith.

"Old Fossil? Chyort, we're in our forties, I've got what....another forty years before I've attained that illustrious rank."

He chuckled, "So, you were in Siberia? Did you see Yuri Alexandrovich? He has a home in Siberia."

Vlad's arm and neck weren't feeling too great, Shayla had been a bit too enthusiastic in the headlock. He also had a small limp from the Chicago Incident, but tried his best to hide it.

Suddenly, his phone started ringing.

"Sorry, Smith....this is my work phone, it must be important...."

He pulled the small black cellphone out of his pocket and turned it on.

Vlad answered the phone in Russian.

you very much
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