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(Alright...found out that Phantom is on vataction for the time being so I'm going to assume that this will be the last post for a while. I said in an earlier post that the post where Karela was captured would be the last we would see of her till the end of the arc but I thought that it would be a good idea to bring her back so when she shows up later in the arc it'll be easier for the rest to understand what happend to her. ))

Unknown Location

Karela's eyes snapped open as the tip of the Kunai was slowly dragged across her arm and she felt her anger begin to rise as she tried to move her arms only to find that she was restrained by...something strong.

"So...your finally awake?"

Her eyes searched around the room franticlly searching for the vaugly female voice that seemed to be coming from everywhere at once.

"Where am I? Who are you?"

The voice chuckled eerily and Karela felt a shudder go down her back. She didn't frighten easily but this voice was freaking her out.

"...You are a prisoner of the Arashi...and my latest 'project'.

"What do you mean by project?"

The voiced chuckled coldly and Karela shivered again. The voice was devoid of warmth.

"I'm going to speak only the truth to you. You will be tortured, and you will be broken...and in the end you will join the Arashi.

Despite the fear that Karela was feeling she couldn't but laugh at that last statement.

"You are so's almost funny. My bijuu won't allow me to be tortured...All I need to do is channel her power into my hands and I'll break free and then I'm going to give you the beating of your life!"

The voice chuckled again.

"Go ahead...try it."

Karela grinned in anticipation of the chakra that would be shortly breaking her out of her bonds only to find...nothing.

"W-What did you do to me?!"

"We sealed your Bijuu...The Akatsuki have been around for many years...and they learned many different jutsu before they were destroyed by your Hokage...but not all of us died that night your Hokage lost control. Some of us decided that our unique talents would be suited elsewhere."

One of the Shadows in the furthest corner of the room shifted slightly and a woman in Akatsuki robes slowly walked toward her.

"...I decided that my talents would suit the Arashi quite well. The Arashi welcomed me with open arms."

The woman grinned and a series of lights in the corner of the room flickered once and then turned on.

"The Arashi have been around much longer then Akatsuki...I learned so much from them...for example the test subjects you see before you."

Karela stared at them in horror. One of the test subjects had black hair and the white eyes of the Hyuga clan...another had some sort of strange red and black eye with a strange swirling pattern.

"That's right...Years ago we managed to capture one of the Hyugas...I hope he wasn't a friend of yours. We've been studying the Byakugan for many years now and are close to uncovering nearly all of it's secrets. And to the my favorite pet project...we took that from one of Orochimaru's bases. It's an imperfect copy of the Sharingan. It is far less effective that the regular one and it's not ready to be used yet...but I feel I'm close."

"What are you planning to do to me?!"

The woman leaned in closer until she was directly in her face.

"My name is Zarila...and I'm the best torture expert that the Arashi have...and child, I will break you!"

The woman's eyes flashed and Karela was instantly out cold.

Zarila smiled and engaged her own Kekkai Genkai so she could begin rewriting the child's memories to see the Arashi in a...better light.

She is strong...she will make a fine addition to the Arashi and it will be most amusing to send her on her own village when the time is right.

((Alright...thats the end of Karela till the end of the arc.))

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