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"It's about the Virius, isn't it?" Smith asked immediately after Vlad hung up. After the Russian's nod Smith cursed, violently. "Larson?" He asked before continuing on without an answer, "dumb question, who else would it be?"

He opened up his vest's pocket and withdrew the DVD. "Vlad, for the purposes of this video you are not a representative of your government and you do not work for the government, you are here simply as a tourist, understand?" At the Russian's nod Smith turned to Atrianna.

"I'm assuming you have a DVD player or the like around here. We're going to need to watch this video, stat."

((@Jedi, glad you read up on it. As I was searching online that one stood out to me, I _had_ to use it. And, Cyborg, nice to see you again... even though it's odd to not think of you as Kevak ))

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