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Captain Terranova watched the exersize through the holographic monitors. Captain Aiko walked up to her and stood by her watching everything in the monitors. One camera followed Shana, one followed Kai and the other followed Akira.

"Kai is too fierce. Even if it's just an exersize", Captain Terranova said.

"I have faith in him. He's a good young man. I have trust that with Shana at his side, he will finally break the chains of his past", Captain Aiko said.

Illya turned to look at Juno a bit puzzled.

"What do you mean with Shana at his side?", Illya asked.

"I have discovered that Shana was able to ease the nightmares that Kai has, she was able to wake him. A security video I collected from last night. I had been watching over Kai since he arrived into the Federation. I had a feeling Shana and him would make contact eventually", Juno said and looked over at Illya who seemed worried. "Don't worry about her. If she's as strong as you think she is, she will endure the path ahead".

"I trust you Juno but I'm not comfortable putting my little sister at risk", Illya said.

"She won't be at risk. I have confidence that Kai will not harm her", Juno said.


Back on the training field, Shana was taking fire from the drones but she simply covered and dodged everything effectively.

She readied her staff once more. "Star Dust", her device said and a heavy cloud of sharp dust surrounded a few of the drones. She effectively penetrated their defenses with this and then used her Eager Cleaver to destroy the remaining ones.

"Scanning Area", her device said and then reported. "Area Clear".

Shana lowered her staff, it seemed all enemies from the outside were down. She was about to report it when the gun post of the southern entrance came into view. She turned around but at that moment it was too late. The drone fired a beam towards her hitting and causing her to fly backwards and crash through a wall. She got up with effort and looked over at the gun post.

"Damn it, I left my guard down", Shana said. She then flew out of the building she crashed into and moved closer to the drone firing her Destiny Canon at it with not much success. "Alright then, Excellion Form Activate!"

"Standby, Ready. Excellion Form", her deviced replied.

A bigger pink pentagram stood below her. Three clones of her device appeared and floated over her, one over her head, one at her left and one on her right.

"Excellion...", Shana said as the energy charged infront of her and on each device clone. "Buster!".

All three device clones and her device fired an energy beam that came together becoming a huge tidal wave of power that decimated the gun post's defenses and went right through to destroy it.

You're all clear outside for the hostage extraction, the rest is up to you guys, Shana said in her mind to Kai and Akira.

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